The King Store Museum
1825 Building in Drakesville Historic Park, Ledgewood, Roxbury Township, New Jersey

The King Canal Store is a unique, 2-1/2 story building constructed of stone circa 1825. At the ground floor its walls are 3 feet thick. Theodore King took over the building in 1873 and ran the General Store and Post Office very successfully. Mr. King died in 1928 and his daughter Louise closed the building, it's contents remaining just as they were, with a few occasional openings in the 1930's to help locals in the depths of the Depression. From 1989 the Roxbury Rotary Club has worked with the Roxbury Historic Trust to restore the exterior and the first floor shop and create the King Store Museum.

The King General Store and Post Office, Ledgewood, NJ, circa 1905

Photos circa 2006, undergoing restoration

The Retail clerks at Theodore King's General Store welcome you! - 2008 Open House


Interior of King's General Store & Ledgewood N.J. Post Office


Full line of Remedies & Potions

Household Goods, Tools, Wash Day Soaps


These photos were taken of the closed King Store in the early 1970's.


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