Roxbury High School, Succasunna, New Jersey
1956 Yearbook Alumni Memories

Students of Roxbury High School on the way to a Football Game, 1956 Yearbook

Roxbury Township NJ 1956 Football
1956 Roxbury High School Football Team

The second page of Football photos carried a graciously worded acknowledgement
that the season was, . . . umm . . . err . . . . Well wait till next year !!

The Band, The Twirlers & Janet Levine: Drum Majorette & Yearbook Editor in Chief!

What's a Yearbook without Cheerleaders?!!  Cheering for the Gaels!

Roxbury High School Basketball, the tradition continues !!

The Archery Club and the Wrestling Squad, 1956

Play:  "Time Out for Ginger"

Homemaking Club, Roxbury High School, Succasunna, New Jersey, 1956

The hardworking Editorial Staff of the Roxbury High School Yearbook, The Echo

After we posted scans of the 1955 Yearbook of Roxbury High School, Bob Call, a member of the Class of '55 contacted our Roxbury History Website to offer to loan us the 1956 Yearbook to scan for the website, especially as it contained a picture of his "steady", both then & now, Gail Anderson Call, RHS '56. We have now scanned the main pages of the '56 book, as well as high resolution scans of all the Senior Portrait pages.  By the way, the 1955 Reunion went very well. How about it Class of '56, is a Reunion planned ?? Let us know and we'll post the info here.

By the way, the 1956 Yearbook was different from most  RHS Yearbooks in that it's cover was 'cream colored'  (left), most previous years had a dark blue cover.

Roxbury High School primarily serves the six communities that make up Roxbury Township in Morris County, NJ:
Ledgewood, Kenvil, Landing, Succasunna, Port Morris and Lower Berkshire Valley. Mount Arlington students also attend Roxbury HS to this day. Over the years many other Municipalities without a public High School have sent their students to Roxbury. The 1956 Yearbook records seniors from Chester, Jefferson Township, Flanders, Budd Lake, Netcong, Hopatcong, Wharton and a few others. Not all students from those towns attended Roxbury. With housing growth, in 1958 Chester Township & Borough, Washington Township, Mendham and Mount Olive formed a regional high school district and opened West Morris Central High School for their students.

The unusual photo of the Roosevelt Building, 1956, was the 2 page spread inside the cover.

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