Roxbury High School, Succasunna, New Jersey
1955 Yearbook Classmate Memories and Alumni Reunion Info

Students of Roxbury High School on the front steps of the Roosevelt Building, 1955 Yearbook
On the Steps, left to right: Ann Taggart, Joyce Hendriksen, Eleanor Sossong, Vicki Pozar, Marvin Murdock and Bob Schimmel
By the doors: Peggy Miller, Gail Bergenback, Frank Braisted, Bob Healy.   (Thanks to Peggy Miller Schaedel for info)

The Senior Dramatic Club

Club at Roxbury High School, NJ
The Nature Club had 28 Girls, 3 Boys, and no Teacher in sight. Hmm.

1955 Roxbury NJ Football Team
Roxbury High School Football Team, 1954-1955 Season

In a recent E-mail to the Editor of this website, Bob Nock said:
" . . . we lost most of our games, but sure looked good doing it ! "   

The Basketball Teams of Roxbury HS, from the 1955 Yearbook

The Band

Staff of The Echo, the Roxbury HS Yearbook 1955, Sally Rider Ely, Editor

We recently obtained a copy of the 1955 Yearbook of Roxbury High School, Succasunna, New Jersey. See the links below for high resolution scans of all the Senior Portrait pages. See info below on the 50th Anniversary Alumni Reunion of the Class of 1955.

Roxbury High School primarily serves the six communities that make up Roxbury Township in Morris County, NJ:
Ledgewood, Kenvil, Landing, Succasunna, Port Morris and Lower Berkshire Valley. Mount Arlington students also attend Roxbury HS to this day. Over the years many other Municipalities without a public High School have sent their students to Roxbury. This 1955 Yearbook records seniors from Chester, Jefferson Township, Flanders, Budd Lake, Netcong, Hopatcong, Wharton and a few others. Not all students from those towns attended Roxbury. As a result of housing growth, in 1958 Chester Township & Borough, Washington Township, Mendham and Mount Olive formed a regional high school district and opened West Morris Central High School for their students.


See our 3 separate pages of  1955 Roxbury High School Senior Portraits:
1955 Seniors with last names:  'A' thru 'H'   -   'I' thru 'R'   -   'R' thru 'Z'

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  50th Anniversary Roxbury Class of 1955 Reunion - Held September 2005

The reunion was a big success!!  A Dinner was held at the Flanders Valley Country Club on Friday evening, the 9th. The Dinner included hors d'oeuvres, a cocktail hour, dinner & dancing. On Saturday, the 10th, there was a catered picnic at Horseshoe Lake.

See this link for the page of  Photos from the Reunion

Roxbury High School Class of 1955 local NJ Contacts: 
Joyce Henrikson Chaudruc  tel  973-691-0271  
*  Roland Utter tel  973-584-6427   *   Dave Hergert tel  908-850-1458


  55th Anniversary Roxbury Class of 1955 Reunion - Held September 2010

The reunion was great!!  A Dinner was held at the Adam Todd Banquet Hall on Friday evening, the 17th. On Saturday, the 18th, there was a catered picnic at Horseshoe Lake with a Vintage Car Display.

See this link for the page of  Photos from the Reunion

Roxbury High School Class of 1955 local NJ Contacts: 
Joyce Henrikson Chaudruc  tel  973-691-0271  
*  Roland Utter tel  973-584-6427   *   Dave Hergert tel  908-850-1458


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The two scans above comprise the inside endpaper photos of the 1955 Yearbook.
Roosevelt School at left, Lincoln School at center, and Grey Building at right.


Roxbury High School Class of 1955 Graduating Seniors

Abrams, Donald Jerry
Andenes, Kenneth A.
Anderson, Marion Jeanette
Baker, Betty Jane
Baribault, Arthur J.
Behler, Ruth A.
Bergenback, Gail Frances
Binner, Frederick William
Blaine, Harold, Jr.
Braisted, Frank A.
Breidt, David Fredrick
Brentnell, Paul C.
Brown, Andrew John
Burgher, William Winchell, Jr.
Burt, Elizabeth Ann
Calhoun, James P.
Call, Robert W.
Cautero, Vincent F.
Charles, Joann Helene
Charters, Mary A.
Chase, Barbara Ann
Chew, F. Lyie, Jr.
Chew, Patricia Ann
Coggin, George T.
Cooper, Alice M.
Courtright, Nancy Joan
Cramer, Foster E.
Crandall, Gladys Irene
Crimmel, Howard George
Doblosky, Henry J.
Dodge, Barbara Joan
Doyle, Arthur
Eberts, Catherine F.
Edwards, Lois Ann
Ely, Sally Rider
Extrom, Mary Margaret
Fatum, Gail Ruth
Finnegan, James
Finnegan, John
Franke, Fred Julius
Gibbs, Susan Marian
Goodyear, Deborah
Hart, Sheila Marie
Harvey, George M., Jr.
Healy, Robert J.
Henriksen, Joyce Muriel
Hergert, David C.
Hickey, Frank W.
Hildebrant, Roy J.
Hockenbary, Evelyn Ann
Hornyok, Joseph, 3rd.
Howell, Ruth Gail
Isherwood, Larry J.
Johnson, Jeanettc
Katemark, Katherine Ann
Keller, Pauline Joan
Kelly, Dolores Ann
Kolar, George A.
Landsman, Robert S.
Langdon, Harold A., Jr.
Larsen, Eleanor Ann
Law, Thomas Roger
Leavy, Walter, Jr.
Leenstra, Kenneth John
Lucas, Lynda Diane
Makin, Barbara A.
Marcussen, Eleanor M.
Marks, Barbara Estelle
Marsh, Glenn Harold
Martin, Mary Laura
Merrigan, John J., Jr.
Milander, Gloria Jean
Miller, Peggy Ann
Moore, Ronald William
Morgan, Clifford
Morgan, Gloria Ann
Morgan, William C.
Morrow, David
Mosedale, Robert E., 3rd.
Muller, Catherine Ann
Murdock, Marvin G.
McMurtrie, Shirley Ann
McWilliams, Shirley May
Newton, Elizabeth C.
Nock, Robert Charles, Jr.
O'Brien, Carolyn
O'Rourke, Brian J.
Osborne, John W.
Palmer, Patricia Ann Veronica
Patynek, Carol Ann
Pecorino, Carole Joyce
Pickel, Patricia Anne
Pickell, Mary Louise
Podgurski, Michael Joseph
Pozar, Victoria
Pucek, Nancy Anne
Reilly, Patty Lou
Richards, Charles F.
Rietzke, Joann
Robinson, John W., Jr.
Robson, Helen Miriam
Rogers, Jonathan A.
Rolph, Barbara Joyce
Rotile, Natalie R.
Ruggieri, Richard J.
Runion, Thomas Henry
Schimmel, Robert T., Jr.
Schupferling, Luella J.
Seal, Kay Janice
Selengut, Justine Joan
Seney, Glenn T.
Skiba, Stephen R.
Smith, Lance G.
Soderlund, Roger Erick
Sossong, Eleanore Mac
Spaan, William J.
Sperry, George Vincent
Stackhouse, Raymond D.
Stalter, Barbara Jean
Stephens, Lawrence
Taggart, Virginia Ann
Taylbr, Marie
Toth, Robert F.
Traynor, Philip John
Treloar, Charles G.
Twillman, Robert Alien
Utter, Roland
Veres, Susann
Virkler, James M.
Waldron, Calvin
Ward, Alice Jean
Warga, Emelie R.
Wamer, Lanford L.
Webb, Phyllis E.
Wolfe, Joan Linde
Wood, Jack, Jr.
Young, Charlotte Jean
Zegers, Arthur Edward, 3rd.
Zemencsik, Barbara Ann

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