A Memorial to Eliza "Linnet" Stoddard, 1869 - 1886

posted from Succasunna, N.J.  on September 1, 1894

Eliza "Linnet" Platt Stoddard at fourteen years

Eliza "Linnet" Platt Stoddard at fifteen and a half years

From 1864 and continuing through the present day, a period of thirty years, the Presbyterian Church at Succasunna New Jersey has been privileged to have been under the Pastoral leadership of The Rev. Elijah W. Stoddard. During these years of Gospel Ministry Dr. Stoddard has overseen the growth of this church, even as he and Mrs. Stoddard resolutely bear the pain of the loss of Eliza "Linnet" Platt Stoddard, the daughter of Mrs. Eliza A. Stoddard and the late Professor John F. Stoddard, and Step-Daughter of The Rev. Elijah W. Stoddard.

In this space we desire to familiarize our readers with this remarkable young Christian, at birth named Eliza, but when she was a month old she smiled as her cousin called her a "Linnet", a delicate finch-like bird, and thus she received her pet name.  She was born on July 21, 1869 and was a member of the household at the Succasunna parsonage for the final eight years of her earthly sojourn. Everyone remarked that she was of bright, intellectual and beautiful Christian character. She was  an enthusiastic member of "The Young Girls Mission Band" and its' prayerful support of Missionaries across the seas. Even as she struggled with illness, she read the stories of Gospel Workers in far flung lands who shared the story of Jesus and wondered if that was God's call on her life. As an outward sign of her personal Christian faith, Linnet presented herself for believers baptism by immersion a year before her passing. The Memorial Chapel, standing near the Presbyterian church, erected by Mrs. Stoddard's family in 1887, is her most fitting monument. So long as this chapel can do service in the worship of God, it will emphasize her words, "You need Christ and Christ needs you to work for Him." As Linnet said: "I want to do real work for Christ." Linnet passed from this world into one infinitely better on May 19, 1886. Though illness unto death has separated her from us now, we know she rejoices in the presence of the 'Lover of her Soul' and one day we will be reunited with her.

Mrs. Stoddard's family sought to have the words of Linnet echo through the ages by issuing a Silver Service, portions of which have been distributed as gifts to the young Ladies of the Churches of our community, much treasured by them, and which are illustrated in the photo engravings which appear below. Her Memorial Book, also seen below, was recently (1893) re-issued due to popular request in the community, and will acquaint a new audience with this unique and beloved daughter.

contemporarily written by the Editor

The Eliza "Linnet" Platt Stoddard Memorial Chapel
Succasunna, New Jersey
Succasunna Presbyterian Church
Succasunna Presbyterian Church
Rev. Elijah W. Stoddard, Pastor


This Silver Set was issued by the family of Mrs. Stoddard, in memory of "Linnet", and given to families and girls in the churches of the area.

A early page from the Memorial book for Eliza "Linnet" Stoddard

A later page from the Memorial book for Eliza "Linnet" Stoddard

The Memorial Book for Eliza "Linnet" Stoddard

"The Lord gave and the Lord hath taken away, blessed be the name of the Lord"

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For years after Linnet's passing, a club for girls held at the Church sought to promote Christian values in the children of the community. This 1 inch button was distributed to members circa 1896-1899.

Eliza "Linnet" Platt Stoddard 1885

In a recent photo, Pastor & Mrs. Stoddard wait as their horse has a new shoe put on.