In our wired world, where massive amounts of data zip around the globe and do an animated dance across your Laptop screen, Tablet or Phone, is there a place for that vintage antique called a book??  YES!! Here's why you should own & read books:

- George Washington never used an iPad, he read only books and he never told a lie!
- Abraham Lincoln refused both Mac & PC, he read only books, and he saved the Union!
- Vice-President Mike Pence & Oprah Winfrey would hold hands and read books to 
       one another while they dated in College!  
(I read that on the Internet, so it must be true)
So, be like Mike, or be like Oprah, READ A BOOK !!

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Review of the book:

- - The Dog Head Sword of Succasunna:
Forgotten Family Patriots and Loyalists in the Revolutionary War”
by John Lawrence Brasher  - pub. 2016, softcover, 105 pp

For those of us who are enthusiastic local historians, albeit amateur historians, any tidbit of newly unearthed information about the history of our Township is eagerly relished. When the information comes in the form of a fully fleshed out human interest story, well we feel like we’ve hit the jackpot! And when the jackpot comes complete with an ornate and rare military sword that was used during the American Revolution and was lovingly passed down from generation to generation, well then we're just giddy from excitement. Yes, even a droll historian can get giddy when they’re able to hold in their hand a real connection that one local family has to the American War of Independence.

A new book has just been published:
“The Dog Head Sword of Succasunna: Forgotten Family Patriots and Loyalists in the Revolutionary War”

It’s author, John Lawrence Brasher, turned thirteen years old on Independence Day, July 4, 1960. On that occasion he was entrusted with a family heirloom, a very ornate sword that had been used by a family member during the American Revolution. At least that’s what they told him. The book tells of Brasher’s explorations of old farms that had been in his family, his discoveries of forgotten ancestors, of his explorations of hills and hollows seeking his family’s history in what was colonial New Jersey, the crossroads of the American Revolution.

Brasher is a meticulous historian, everything is carefully footnoted, yet the story narration is very human and involving and the book hard to put down.

The setting bounces around Morris, Warren, Somerset and Hunterdon counties. Modern readers will recognize many of the localities involved in the hunt for the story of the sword. The many illustrations are very clear, sharply printed and involve the reader, the paper is high quality, all the more impressive for a book not from a major publisher. And yes, by the end of the story you’ll know why there is a dog head on the end of that sword and the political message it was designed to convey.

In our day of quick and inexpensive Internet publishing of printed books, there are many that have little reason to exist other than to stroke the ego of their authors. In contrast, with “The Dog Head Sword of Succasunna”, a gem of a gift has been crafted by Dr. Brasher for all those interested in the history of the American Revolution and of our New Jersey crossroads of that Revolution. At the same time, a template has been made available on how to do a local history book that is accurate, complete and detailed, yet holds the reader in a real flesh and blood story of  a pivotal time in our collective history.

Review by Mottel Baleston,

The book can be ordered directly from the author for $19 incl. postage: - let him know your interest

or order from Amazon for $20 plus postage! 
(psst!, even though my math classes were in Brooklyn, even I know it's a better deal to order straight from Dr. Brasher)

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