Emma & Theodore King outside the King Homestead,
 the real inspiration for the famous painting


The Roxbury New Jersey
History Website

RoxburyNewJersey.com got started in November 2004.  We're a voluntary non-profit community website, started by a resident of Roxbury Township, New Jersey. Our theme is the history of our Township.  We  add more info and photos to this site several times a year, and keep the Ledgewood Historical Park schedule updated. We're always ready to post info & images others have sent in as well. Here are some basics about us:

1. This site seeks to serve our community by providing pages of historic Roxbury Township photographs and sketches on the rich history of our community. This website is focused on the history of the Roxbury Twp. communities of Ledgewood, Succasunna, Kenvil & Lower Berkshire Valley. For Landing & Port Morris historical articles & photos, click this link for our sister website: www.LandingNewJersey.com 

2. This site, unlike the various fraudulent "your community website" (which looks the same for every town), has no hidden commercial agenda. The minimal web hosting costs are borne by the Editor. We have achieved very high rankings in major search engines including Google, Yahoo & MSN for searches involving local history, as well as several links in Wikipedia, the largest updated electronic Encyclopedia. 

3. This site is free, non-political, non-partisan and family-friendly. While I appreciate (usually) those who serve in public office, your humble Editor/Owner has no political aspirations. Also, since there are some who are wondering, no, I'm not writing or gathering material for a future Roxbury history book to be sold for profit. This Editor is driven by the conviction that the history of the community belongs to, and should be freely & easily available to the community. 
(Ok, Ok, I'll get off my soapbox now)

4. We invite your ideas and contributions to this site in the form of remembrances of Roxbury history, photos we can scan and share with others, etc, etc. As of October 2011, there are 12 pages whose content came totally from readers, Thanks !

5. The site design was created from scratch and is edited from our beautiful Roxbury Township NJ studios overlooking scenic Lake Hopatcong.
(well, to be honest, in the winter you can see some of the Lake through the trees from our spare bedroom)

We greatly appreciate and work co-operatively with the dedicated volunteers of the Roxbury area Historical organizations: The Roxbury Township Historical Society  and The Roxbury Historic Trust. Full contact & membership information for these two fine organizations are shown on our Main Page. In March 2006 we began to host the website pages of The Roxbury Historic Trust and work with them and others to increase involvement and interest in historical preservation.

Most of the historical articles on the site were researched and written by the Editor, always noting sources at the end of the article. 

Unsolicited Testimonial:

is my favorite Jersey website! Stop by my place in Princeton if you're in the area, I'll make us some blintzes"

Albert Einstein,
Jersey Guy!

RoxburyNewJersey.com welcomed:

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Contacting Us and Genealogical Inquiries: 
Increasingly we receive requests to spend hours of time researching someone's ancestors who lived in Roxbury. The simple response is that while this website has content contributed by many in our community, it is a volunteer effort led by a person with a very full-time career and family responsibilities who is already over-committed to a variety of non-profit Boards and good causes. Heck, I've barely done my own family history. May I gently suggest you begin your own family research by using the major search engines: Google, Yahoo & Bing. The most comprehensive Genealogical resource on the Internet is  Ancestry.com, a paid subscription service that while not cheap, has tons of info on YOUR family that you didn't even know existed. If you email me and CLEARLY tell me you've done all that, AND, tell me what you've learned so far, THEN I'll take a look through whatever Books & Data CD's I have on local history  and see if your 'name' appears. My family thanks you for understanding. Our email address is at the bottom of this page. 
(no e-mails are answered during NY Yankees pennant races)

Another possibility is for you to contact the The Roxbury Township Historical Society. They have an extensive Library of Roxbury Twp historical material, as well as members who have lived here for over 50 years who may have answers to your questions. Contact: Roxbury Township Historical Society, PO Box 18, Succasunna, NJ 07876.  tel# 973-584-6931 or 973-584-2676. 

Scan Your Own Roxbury High School Yearbook And We'll Post It !
Yes, We would be happy to post your scans of your Roxbury High School Yearbook. We need others to scan their books, as that effort is just too time-consuming for one volunteer (me) with a full time job and family to handle alone. We will make separate pages for it like all the other years have. About tech matters:
1. Make sure your scanning software is set to produce the highest possible quality jpg scan, with the least amount of compression. This adjustment is often buried deep in the OPTIONS or SETTINGS menus in the scanner software. With today's Broadband High-speed Internet, we want the best quality, NOT the smaller file size.
2. Set the .dpi to approx 100 for one test scan, and 150 for another test scan. Sometimes there are PRESETS at 96 and 150 dpi, that's fine. DO NOT RESIZE AFTER SCANNING. We need the original scan, saved as the best quality jpg to use on the website. I'm asking for these 2 tests of the same Yearbook page so we can determine how to proceed with your set-up. Scan in full color, not black and white, as there is color even in most black and white printing, we may need that for sharpness.
3. After I receive your 2 tests of the same one page, I'll choose one and let you know, and then you can complete the scanning of as many pages as you would like. These scans can be placed in a virtual folder, and zipped up for e-mailing, or burned to a CD and mailed to us in New Jersey. There is no cost, no money is exchanged, it's community volunteerism all the way!

Feel free to email with any questions, MB, Editor

We invite you to submit your ideas to us.

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