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By M. Balston, Editor

We are pleased that you have allowed us into your Parlor to share our pride in our community. The last several years have brought big changes to our town of Roxbury. It's hard to imagine now but just 10 years ago, in 1902, we were without many of the modern conveniences of a progressive community that we enjoy today. During this past decade, we have been favored with modern Trolley service to Dover, Morristown and points East, an up to date unified District School, the building of the high speed 'Lackawanna Cutoff' Railway Line along with a brand new Railroad Station House at Landing that serves local citizens, seasonal merrymakers going to Lake Hopatcong, as well as a new breed of Businessman, the 'Commuter'.

This page will highlight some of the modern facilities Roxbury has to offer, and will serve as our 'calling card'. While the history of Roxbury Township is rich, the future looks to be even brighter. We can say without any fear of contradiction, that the citizenry of Roxbury, displaying indomitable energy, have marched resolutely into the Twentieth Century. Along with the rest of our newly expanded Union, and under the skilled leadership of President Taft, Governor Wilson and our local officials, we look forward to coming times of expanding prosperity and peace, as our chosen nation enjoys that which the Prophets of old envisioned.

Grey School, Roxbury Township, NJ
The 'Grey' School, a modern building with a Teaching Staff trained in the latest Pedagogic techniques.

Ledgewood New Jersey Historic House
The Ledgewood House Hotel & Restaurant offers every amenity. When registering at the desk,
please let the proprietors know you saw their listing on

roxbury township new jersey history
Main Street, Ledgewood New Jersey. We have regular Trolley service to points east and
up to Lake Hopatcong.

history of succasunna nj
A little further east from the photo view above, the tracks go through Succasunna

Trolley service is frequent, the Cars are clean, the Operators polite.
This modern car is seen alongside Kenvil Avenue.

For those City Folks who desire a country experience, the recently opened
 Triple Lake Dude Ranch of Succasunna will give you 'yer fill of "ropin & ridin"

The Hotel DeCamp has a well deserved reputation for excellence in accomodations

Kenvil New Jersey history
A wide variety of travelers find rest at the Day's Hotel in Kenvil

Ledgewood Baptist Church overlooks the Morris Canal Basin and the Trolley Line.

While Roxbury Township is proud of all it's citizens, there are two outstanding luminaries in our community, men of national recognition, men who enrich our society by their accomplishments in the higher spheres of human endeavor. While these men are well known by most, permit us this short introduction for our younger readers:

Rev. Elijah W. Stoddard, D.D., Pastor of the Succasunna Presbyterian Church
From 1864 until the present day, a period of forty-eight years, the Presbyterian Church at Succasunna New Jersey has been privileged to have been under the Pastoral leadership of The Rev. Elijah W. Stoddard. During these years of Gospel Ministry, Dr. Stoddard has overseen the addition of hundreds who were added to the church membership rolls, he has performed over 460 marriages, and officiated at over 860 funerals. Even now, though in his ninety-second year, he continues to inspire a new generation of young Christians as he gives leadership and direction in the myriad activities of the Succasunna Presbyterian Church.

Dr. Theodore Frelinghuysen Wolfe, M. D., Ph. D., Litt. D., Internationally Recognized Author
Theodore Wolfe was born in Roxbury Township in 1843, and received his early education at the Succasunna Academy. He started his Professional career as a Medical Assistant in 1861, serving in the Army of the Potomac, where he had subordinate charge of the field hospital.  A graduate of the Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons, class of 1868, he went on to a distinguished practice in Jersey City. During this period he wrote many monographs and minor treatises upon surgical topics, and was an official member of medical associations of New Jersey and New York. After weak health forced early retirement from active medical practice, he gave much time to other scientific researches, especially in the field of ethnology and the study of the Lenape Indians of New Jersey, making many translations of their dialects and traditions, and exhuming numerous implements and weapons. Lately his chief interest has been a detailed study of the world’s famous authors. For the purpose of this study he has made several sojourns in Europe, and many more in all the other States of the Union, visiting the environments amid which the authors lived and wrote, their habitual resorts, and the scenes they describe in their books. Much of the edifying results of his lettered travels and researches Dr. Wolfe has recorded in his "Literary Series," some volumes of which have now reached the eighteenth edition.  Since 1890 Dr. Theodore F. Wolfe has owned a cottage at Succasunna, New Jersey, where he remains for a considerable part of each year, in the interval between his travels

Succasunna Methodist Church
Succasunna Methodist Church
Rev. Albert Cain, Pastor
Succasunna Presbyterian Church
Succasunna Presbyterian Church
Rev. Elijah W. Stoddard, Pastor
Ledgewood Baptist Church
Ledgewood Baptist Church
Rev. H.M.B. Dare, Pastor

The Churches of our Community invite you to worship with us



(Editor's Note: The image above is from a 1968 Roxbury High publication in my personal collection. By that time, 2 of the students had become Doctors)



Huzzah for the Graduates!!!

Alice Caskey
Russell Gardner
Augusta Jaede
Beatrice Jardine
Marion Mann
Harriet Meeker
Helen Skellenger
Sarah Thompson

This photo is from the 1912 edition of The Echo, the Yearbook publication of Roxbury High School. The first Echo was in 1910, and we imagine that as time goes on they will make a fine record of Roxbury life.

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